"Divinus Creatura"; Latin for The Divine Creature,
the living being for the Divine Creation of Unparalleled Perfection. 
Unparalleled Perfection to us is 'Anything for Anyone, Anywhere in the World' 

Awaken your inner power and reignite your fire through balance and perspective based coaching.


Women; You are powerful beyond measure. You are the glue that creates, makes and holds together a community. A wise man once said, "Man without Woman is like 50 without 5, zero" Women have proven time and time again how far they can go, when they invest in themselves and when they invest in others. You're already a high achiever and you've hit a plateau, however inner conflict, struggle and failure can be a great teacher if you're open to the next step. So, what's next?  Call one of our Professional Coaches with Divinus Creatura, to empower, mentor and coach you to reignite your fire. 

Men; You're a Leader. A Hunter. You instinctively protect yourself, your family, and those around you. Deep inside you have the burning desire for more, knowing you have everything that it takes to change the world. Where do you start? With one of the Professional Coaches with Divinus Creatura, we work with these Men through deep inner work and programs designed to discover your limitless abilities.





Designed for high achieving individuals to enhance and elevate their life to new levels of success. What got you to where you are now, is exactly what is holding you back from going even further.

The Rising Phoenix Program is complete with mindset and life coaching, personal fitness training, self-discovery sessions, and group workshops with elite speakers.

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Be the King and Queen of your life by taking control with personal sessions working directly with our Coaches. 

Our Coaches have worked with Olympic & World Class Athletes, 7-figure+ Entrepreneurs & Business Owners, Government Workers, Authors / Writers, and more. 

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Designed for organisations to take their teams and managers and leaders to the levels higher than their current position.

Our Coaches work with corporate executive/leadership teams with mindset and life coaching, self-discovery sessions, and group coaching sessions including elite speakers.

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Co-founders & Coaches | Tanner Holtman & Michelle Aubrey

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Tanner Holtman

I am a visionary, leader, and entrepreneur. I am passionate about changing the world; I love connecting with people and wear my heart on my sleeve (so I will apologize now for any swearing).

I incorporated my first company at 19, a construction company, where I would build homes, run crews and organize other trades along with the back-end administrative jobs. It was one of the first times I took the leap into a leadership position and it got me hooked. I stayed in construction until my girlfriend (now wife) and I moved to Victoria where I changed industries altogether. I’ve have a deep desire to help people my whole life and financial literacy for families was something close to my heart. I excelled again, becoming a part of a Team where we were recognized nationally, and where I won an award for my leadership and community service. I worked hard, got a few designations including my RRC (Registered Retirement Consultant), a diploma in financial planning and became a CFP (Certified Financial Planner).

Truth is, on paper it all sounds great! Looked good in suits, was in a “Senior Advisor” position at 27, and was on track to make great money. But there was a hole. I was doing right for others in terms of their finances, but felt helpless in all other areas of their lives that I could see were the main cause to where they were in this moment. I was just a Band-Aid when I truly wanted to empower others to be their own cure. It was after a few discussions with a Coach that I looked into what coaching was truly all about – again, hooked.

It spoke to me – I wasn’t shunned away for wanting to connect and spill my heart out; I was actually encouraged to give a shit about people before dollars and cents! I could unleash the fire I had for shifting the way people show up in the World, to see who they really are, and do it as a profession! After meeting Michelle, it was obvious that our visions and values aligned perfectly and Divinus Creatura was born in the back of a coffee shop, scribbled on blank paper and napkins. We invested time, energy, and more money than we even had access to in ourselves to dive deep to fulfill our commitment to be the best Coaches in the World – not for any recognition or validation, but so we can serve our clients so powerfully that their own worlds begin to change.

So here we are, and here I am. With a mission to achieve the ‘impossible’.

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Michelle Aubrey

I will never forget the moment when I was a little girl watching Oprah, she was giving away lots of things on TV, creating awareness on poverty and abuse and helping people. I knew I wanted to help people too.

Today, I get to do exactly that.

What a journey life is! From farm girl to big city girl. From Banking, to Real Estate in New Zealand, from live-in carer for people with different levels of paralysis, to co-creating a company for women's stress relief and empowerment in England. My purpose is clear; to powerfully serve people, so they can serve others. It's a perpetual cycle of greatness, and, it's available for everyone.

My passion is People. My mission is to serve. The ultimate goal for our company is to create a world where Anything is available for Anyone, Anywhere.

Living on the soul nourishing Vancouver Island, I get to spend my days in nature, enjoying the beach and coaching inspiring people. I love a good film, I'm guilty - chick flicks are my favorite. I'm star trek, not star wars and I'm chocolate-anything for Dessert, which brings me to the most important part of my bio, Dessert is my favorite dish!

The women I work with are inspiring, determined, powerful and ready to create something altruistic in the world. We are all constantly on a journey of discovery and transformation and I am passionate about creating a space for this my clients.

You are worthy.

You are enough.

You are already whole and complete.

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