We all have our favorite stories!

Have you ever fallen in love with a story? The kind that draws you in, grabs you by the brain and the heart, and never loosens it's grip; you're stuck thinking about it throughout the day whether you're at home or work, and you begin to compare everything around you to how it can also play into the story line. Some are portrayed in movies or eloquently written in books. Others are told around camp fires under the stars. No matter where you see or hear them, they just seem to stick.

We all have one story in particular that sticks to our heart like krayzee-glue, and it is the greatest story that has ever been told. You play the Actor... the Director... the Producer and the Writer. It is the most entrancing story there ever was, complete with incredible highs and uplifting experiences to lower lows than you ever thought possible. This story is yours.

From the moment you're born you are a blank sheet of paper, a canvas, with no preconceived judgments about the way things should be. There is no right or wrong. Life just is. Then you open your eyes, letting all of the information flow in. Relationships are formed, feelings and thoughts produced; wants, needs, and desires created and decisions made. From here on we grow up, continuously writing our story from everything and everyone we encounter (or don't!) as the script begins to be filled with you in the spotlight at all times. The cameras roll as the way we see the World from all of these experiences are constantly played back in the theatre of our mind. We find it difficult to tear ourselves away from the front row as we watch it play out, getting caught up in being the spectator, as it shifts from being a "story" to becoming what we know as the truth. It's the best damn story there is, because we were there to attach meaning to each little detail - from the ones that felt insignificant to the others that changed our lives forever.

What is easy to forget is you're not just the Actor; you are also the Writer. You are in complete control of finishing the chapter and starting a new one (or a whole new book altogether!). The better news is, you are the ONLY Writer! You can decide what comes next and where you want to go. You get to decide on what you hold as the being facts and what you distinguish are simply what you are interpreted to be true. There is no such thing as "should be", nothing that needs to be "fixed", and no better time to turn the page than now. You are whole and complete as you are, right now, in the moment you read this brief article.

So the question becomes, what hat are you wearing now? Simply the spectator hat, taking life as it comes and reacting to it? The actor, being the center of attention as the spotlight turns to a heat lamp? Or the Writer, making proactive decisions on what the future withholds for you?

Knowing now that you can control of your own destiny, what will you write? What will the next chapter hold? What type of person will you become, and who are you choosing to be?