Michelle Aubrey

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.
— Marianne Williamson

"To my future clients,

My experience leads me to believe that death is a challenge. It tells us not to waste time, it is one of the greatest certainties in life. So what are we waiting for? My answer to this, if you're still alive then you have all the time in the world.
Fear will be a major player in your life, however you are the one who gets to decide how much, the ultimate control you have in your life, is your power to make decisions. The ones you make in this moment, right now. We disguise our fear as practicality, and as a consequence we are the ones who miss out. We are the ones who have to live with ourselves and you are the only one who can hear your thoughts and feel your regrets, so why put yourself through this? You are beautiful, powerful and contain an electric fire! As Marianne or more commonly known, Nelson Mandela once quoted, "your playing small doesn't serve the world" and it sure as hell, doesn't serve you.

My life, thus far has been a profoundly colourful one, and I coach genuinely from experiences of my own and those closest to me. As an only child from a single parent household, my childhood was tough. It allowed me to see the world from a very different angle, I noticed and identified things another child might not. I recognised fear, regret and resentment, love, compassion, sacrifice and heartache. These experiences have given me the tools I have used for years in supporting my friends, family and colleagues. 

Our time is limited, and yet we preach that life is too short, but how many of us truly understand that? I challenge you to have the courage to follow your heart, choose love over fear, and dream big. 

"Without you, there is nothing you can do for anyone else. So, love you, feel the fear and do it anyway!"

Working closely with Tanner Holtman, we have created exclusive programs for groups and individuals to awaken your inner power and reignite your fire. This allows us to have unique perspectives working as a team, bringing together our years of leadership and coaching experience, while still working intimately with our Clients.
We focus on creating a positive mindset by identifying a clear vision, bring the stories in your "blind spots" into focus and introduce you to your essence - the core of who you are, then allowing it to flourish by building healthier lifestyles, stronger relationships, and plans that you will achieve.

"This is not a dress rehearsal for some other lifetime"

Frequently asked Questions

"Why should I work with you?"
Ultimately, because we believe we should.  I have an empathic nature and I understand constraints and struggles.
I allow a free - no obligation session and if we don't think there is a fit for us, then we have only wasted a little time, and we lose time, doing nothing - everyday.
I take a no bullshit approach, yet exercise empathy and compassion at all times. I reflect the truth, and by backing you and supporting you 110%, you can begin to live a life, only seen in your dreams. Are you ready to hear something nobody has told you before? 

"Who do you work with?"
I specialize in working with high achievers, limit pushers and risk takers, who are seeking to heighten themselves even further. Powerful women who are on to their next level of success, life achievement. I work with people who are looking to achieve an impossible goal.

"Where will we meet?"
More often than not my clients are international, so web and phone calls are my usual platform. If you're local we can meet anywhere, on the phone, face-face via internet or in person. 

"How will this work?"
If you're reading this, then you're already looking for something. Let's see if we can be a team. Give either myself or Tanner a call and request your free no-obligation meeting and let me show you.  Please note; everything we discuss is kept strictly confidential. 

Remember; We lose time doing nothing everyday.

With all my love,