What is Rising Phoenix?

To some, it’s a program. 20 weeks to get your life on track, to achieve what you know is completely possible to obtain if you had some help. And sure, it can be that. But we aren’t interested in working with those people.

To us, it’s a transformation. It’s the first 20 weeks of the rest of your life. It is an accountability measure and an ass-kicking to take a serious look at who you really are, and what burns inside your soul to dig deeper and deeper until you find that ONE thing that is impossible to achieve unless you completely reinvent yourself. It’s a Team of 10 people that you know, no matter what, will have your back to fight and claw and push you forward with accountability. It’s a Team of Coaches who will stand in the impossible and call you forward to step into your greatness. You will focus on your:

“Being”; the mindset, habits, goals, stories, and how to come from your highest and best self.

“Body”; the physical fitness, nutrition, and well-being to ensure that you aren’t just walking around with confidence, but prepared to take on whatever life throws at you!

“Business”; tackling the proper goal setting, action steps, and battle plan to reach your next milestone, build that business, or get that promotion.

“Balance”; having solid relationships with your spouse, children, friends, family… Managing your finances to be prepared for when anything, good OR bad, arises. My personal favorite is an integrity fund. If something arises where you feel it goes against your integrity, whether it is a client or job or project, the LAST thing on your mind is money and you can stay true and walk away with no financial repercussions. This is an opportunity to live your life on purpose.


What has got you to where you are now, is EXACTLY what is holding you back from achieving the impossible.

Rising Phoenix is more than a “program”. It’s achieving the ‘impossible’, and it’s yours for the taking.
— Tanner

What Does It Look Like?

5 months / 20 weeks
Strategically designed for high achievers to enhance and elevate

19 Exclusive 1-on-1 Life and Mindset Coaching Sessions
with our Elite Coaches

The foundation of your life, of which everything is built on, is your “Being” – who you really are; Not the stories or interpretations you have about your successes and failures, this will be a major focus throughout Rising Phoenix
4 1-on-1 Personal Training Sessions with Professional Fitness Trainers
Private certified personal trainers to take your fitness goals to the next level
Group Workout Sessions
Maintain a healthy lifestyle and build confidence
with group sessions, including:
Boxing Classes with a Certified Boxing Instructor
Mountain Hiking
Trail Running
& More
Monthly Group “Class” Sessions
Including World Class Keynote Speakers & Presenters which may include*,
Designated Financial Advisors
Ex-Canadian Forces Veterans
Professional & Olympic Athletes
International Entrepreneurs,
on topics including:
Personal Fitness & Nutrition
Developing “Power Habits”
Personal Financial Planning
Personal Relationships
Business & Career Goal Setting and Action Plans


Your commitment to life changing results starts now
Maximum 10 Participants
Limited Space available, Reserve your spot

Accepting Applications Now 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When does the program start?
The program starts when there are 10 registered participants. We are anticipating Summer 2017

Can I invite my friends to join me?
Yes, of course! This program is designed to be a transformational experience so close friends and family are welcome to participate. Note, there are only a maximum of 10 spots available for each program, so it is important to register at the same time.

Why only 10 people at once?
 This process is designed to be intimate as we do deep work within your own life. To ensure each participant is receiving maximum value, we are keeping the group small.

What is the price?
There are 3 payment options available:
1- One (1) lump sum payment, due by Week 1: $5,000*
2- Three (3) installments, due Weeks 1, 8, 16: $1,850* each
3- Five (5) monthly payments, due Weeks 1, 5, 9, 13, 17: $1,200* each
* -- All amounts are in Canadian Dollars (CDN)