Why me? What have I done to deserve this? What if I mess up?
— My Internal Battle

My Story

I've always been an entrepreneur at heart; my first "business" was with my best friend at 4-5 years old, selling paper airplanes on the side of the road for 25 cents with a hand-drawn whiteboard sign saying "test before you buy". Not one was sold. At that time, it didn't matter. In addition to the planes, we had chocolate bar stands, lemonade stands, car washes, a bicycle repair shop, 18-hole mini golf course, and 100's of other ways we tried to make money, all before middle school. Truth is, it wasn't about the money, it was about the candy at the convenience store a half-block from our house! So, failure wasn't an option (or, at least, a big deal).

This mindset carried through after high school where I wasn't sure I wanted to go to post-secondary college or University. I used the excuse of "no money" but that wasn't really it. I felt lost and overwhelmed not knowing what direction I should be going. So, I packed up a couple bags of things and moved to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada to work in the commercial construction industry. Once there, I just put my head down and worked. Within a year, freshly 18, I went from being the labourer to 2nd in command on the commercial site because I studied the blue prints, fascinated by how things were created. When the Foreman and Boss went off site, I was put in charge. It was the first taste of genuine leadership responsibility that I ever felt. And I was scared. The thoughts "Why me? What have I done to deserve this? What if I mess up?" began.

It wasn't too long after that I made the decision to move to residential construction, building homes rather than condos. A whole new set of skills to learn, and again, started at the bottom. By 19 years old, I was back to being 2nd in command and running the crew. So I challenged myself - I started my own construction company. It wasn't wildly successful by any means, but I spent a few years building houses, running crews, doing little Renos and developments. My girlfriend (who was from high school on Vancouver Island, moved out to Alberta with me) and I decided the -50C winters took its toll and we moved back to our small town Comox, BC. About a year later, it hit me: If I do everything right, I'll be where I am now: running the crews, being the boss, building the houses. I looked around at the guys who were 40-50+ and their bodies were beginning to fail from the hard labour. We'd wait for 5pm and then have a few beers before going home. Taking a step out of this life and truly looking at it, it scared the shit out of me to stay in it. I remember, vividly, one day in particular where it changed for me. I was on the roof of a house, laying the sheathing, and down the road drove a Porsche. Sleek black. As it passed, I looked in and saw a Man in a blue suit. That's when I realized: I want out. I had a secret love for finance and thought that may be my next avenue, but "Why me? What have I done to deserve this? What if I mess up?" came in. It was my fiancé (yep, the girlfriend from high school) that encouraged me to go for it. Within a year, it happened.

2012, at 23 years old, I stepped into the world of Financial Planning as we moved to a new city, Victoria, BC. I realized that this was about building a book of business with many clients and it was all about your network. Trouble was, I didn't have one, so I started from scratch. Going to any networking event that I could get to and handing out every card I had. Building slow, an opportunity came up to work with a Senior Consultant who was looking to team up, so I spoke with him and we clicked right away. It dramatically fast-tracked my trajectory as the next year, 2013, we were named in the Top 3% of Advisors in Canada and awarded into the "President's Club" of the company. That same year, I won an award for Leadership and Community Service. In 3 short years we built a book size that combined to $32M in assets that took 17 years to accumulate, to over $47M. With the vision of some drastic changes to the direction of the company that I could see coming, I didn't feel aligned and left to work with a local credit union. At 27, I became a Senior Advisor and was the main point of contact for the Financial Planning team for the 5 branches in the city. Yet, again, there was something missing. I was being told that hitting the targets was my job, not the relationship building that I enjoyed the most.

For over a year I had been in this internal search to find out what it was I was meant to be doing. I had a track record of changing jobs, all of which took a hit to the pocket book, so I was scared that this pattern would never end. Then this idea popped up; a personal development business for Men who were going through the same struggles I was. Surely I couldn't be the only one! I talked to my wife (yep, the high school sweetheart!) and she was, as always, in full support. Then I talked to my close friend, James Butler, to get his idea. He was a successful coach, up to some big things, so I thought he would have some great insights. "Oh, so you want to be a Coach?" he asked. "No, not at all. I want to do personal development" I replied, like there was some form of difference. He had talked to me about coaching for a few years now, suggesting that I look into it as a profession. At the time, I was caught up in the materialistic world of finance, where the "cool" thing would be to have the corner office and that black Porsche and nice suit. It wasn't until December 2016 that I reluctantly agreed to look a little more into this "coaching" thing. I attended a workshop put on by Accomplishment Coaching on a Saturday afternoon and it completely changed my life. It hit me like a freight train that THIS is what I had been searching for -- the missing piece. I came out with a poster board full of words from strangers that encapsulated who I was to them. I rushed home, showed my wife, and we cried. This was it. In that Workshop, I met this Kiwi, Michelle Aubrey, and within the week we had met up, scribbled our visions for the future on paper and napkins in the back of a coffee shop, and Divinus Creatura was born. When the "Why me? What have I done to deserve this? What if I mess up?" crept in, I had my own Coach look at it deeper. Now, I can own the high-performer that I am.

In the beginning of 2017, Michelle and I began the Coach & Leadership Training Program through Accomplishment Coaching and we never looked back. Now, I coach high-achievers such as Engineers, Entrepreneurs, World-Class Athletes, Government Managers, Authors & Writers, and more... all located in over 6 countries around the World. This is what I'm meant to be doing and what I have dedicated my life to be doing.

I invite you to join me


Now what?

Lets talk. If you're interested in working together, there are several ways this can happen, and we will know what that will be within a conversation. Reach out to me personally either by using our Contact Us Form, or by reaching out to me by email at: tanner[at]divinuscreatura.com 

You've heard my story, I look forward to hearing yours.

With Love,
Tanner Holtman


"I am very pleased to have met [Tanner] and call him my coach. His commitment to providing his best comes very naturally, and he delivers powerfully, every time. As a coach, he can be trusted, not only to be professional, personable and punctual but also that he will come up with a strategy that will help you discover what you need to move on in your career, life, relationship or simply within yourself. Every time I talk with Tanner, I know that the conversation will lead toward uncovering some truth that I didn’t want to see or even a quality I didn’t know I had"

-- L.J., Victoria, BC, Canada
Manager, BC Provincial Government


"I feel more powerful, clearer and on the path I've been trying to get on for years. My mind is clearer every call and I become more able to be the person I always knew I was meant to be. I can now show up with more power to become a true leader who inspires other leaders, not just people want to follow"

-- D.J., Calgary, AB, Canada
Author / Writer


"I found [Tanner] knowledgable and insightful. We had quick breakthroughs and immense clarity and direction. I left each session with a feeling of Ok, I know what to do."

-- D.A., Victoria, BC, Canada
Entrepreneur & Multiple Business Owner


"Tanner is a leader; A leader of leaders. He is a beacon to those around him, and a stalwart reminder of the importance of following your heart. He has a mission to lead others to create an everlasting impact on the world, and stand for something greater than themselves. I met Tanner in August 2017. Right away I felt like I found a kindred soul. Someone who understood me. Since our initial meeting, Tanner has encouraged me to dream bigger, live better, and love stronger. He has pushed me to grow and my vision for what I am capable of has increased exponentially. Tanner is not only shaping his local community by inspiring others, volunteering with charitable organizations, and being a leader in the field of personal/professional coaching, Tanner's influence in peoples lives is going to shape the world for the better."

-- E.W., Sidney, BC, Canada
Engineer, Founder of the Inspiration Project